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  • Speech Therapy Plans Using Play-Doh In Speech

    5 Ways to Use Play-Doh in Speech Therapy

    SLP’s rely on a number of tools and toys to motivate their students. Play-Doh is a great motivational tool and is perfect for language and articulation therapy. Here are a few…

  • Speech Therapy Plans: Jenga In Speech Therapy

    Three Ways to Use Jenga In Therapy

    As a speech therapist, I rely a lot on games and other creative ways to provide an interactive and engaging environment for my students. Jenga targets a variety of skills and…

  • Free No Prep Speech Therapy Activity

    No Prep, Speech Therapy Coin Toss Activity

    No prep speech therapy materials are a must have for me. They are perfect for the days full of evaluations, meetings and paperwork. I particularly love this no prep activity because…

  • Speech Therapy Fun: Language Snowball Fight

    Language Snowball Fight

    Raise your hand if you think your students would love to have a snowball fight during school! Why not let them have a language (or articulation) snowball fight? Guaranteed fun for…

  • Speech Therapy Fun: New Games for Old Flash Cards

    New Speech Therapy Games for Old Flash Cards

    Are you tired of playing the same old speech therapy games with the same old flash cards? I know that I have played Go Fish and Memory more times than I can count!  These…

  • Speech Therapy Fun: Life Size Board Game

    Life Size Board Games

    It’s Friday  which means it’s time to post about a fun activity to use during speech therapy!  Today’s activity topic is life size board games…doesn’t that sound like fun? Materials:  –…