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Tic Tac Toe in Speech Therapy

So many of us – students included – love playing tic tac toe! The best part is that most students already know how to play, the game is fun for all ages and it’s perfect to use in therapy.

How to Play Tic Tac Toe in Speech

Tic Tac Toe for Speech TherapyMaterials:

For the materials, you can download this free printable. You’ll also need masking tape. Flashcards are optional. If you have articulation or language flashcards, you can use them, but you don’t have to. Print, laminate, and cut out each of the tic tac toe cards included in this free download.

Game Instructions:

  1. Pass out five O’s and five X’s to each student.
  2. Using the masking tape, create a tic tac toe board either on the wall or on a table. If more than two students are playing, create two separate boards or have students play in teams. If you decide to play on the wall, place masking tape on the back of the X and O cards.
  3. Then, have students begin to play. You can have students complete the number of tasks shown on the X or O card before placing it in a spot.

*Another suggestion is to place an articulation flash card or language flash card in each of the nine spots on the tic tac toe board. Students take turns playing tic tac toe by placing the X or the O. When students place the X or the O on a spot, they need to complete the task shown on the flash card that is in that spot.

For instance, if they’re working on their sounds, they have to say that picture five times or they must complete the language tasks given. Then they can pick up the flash card and place their X or O on the spot.

Tic Tac Toe Benefits

Using flash cards in the format of a game makes it not only fun for students, but you can also change the goals during each game. Once you complete each game, you can change up the flash cards and then your students will be working on new targets.

This game is just a fun and an interactive way to play tic tac toe for students. It gets them out of their seats and is a great way to get them producing new sounds or complete a variety of language tasks!

If you need articulation or language flash cards, these are the ones I use:

Articulation Flash Cards

Language Flash Cards

Make sure to download the freebie HERE!

Free 28 Page Word Lists Set!

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