No Prep, Speech Therapy Coin Toss Activity

No prep speech therapy materials are a must have for me. They are perfect for the days full of evaluations, meetings and paperwork.

I particularly love this no prep activity because it’s interactive for the students! Plus, I usually get 100+ sound productions in one session with this activity. Enjoy!


Crayons/Markers, 1 Quarter, Free Download, Articulation or Language Word Lists


1) Pick one student to go first.

2)The first student to go throws the coin in the air and then looks to see what the coin lands on (Heads or Tails)

3)If the coin lands on Heads, the student must say his/her sound 5x or complete 2 language tasks. If it lands on Tails, the student must say his/her sound 3X or complete 1 language task.

4) If the student correctly completes the task, he/she colors one of the circles in that column. Then, it’s the next student’s turn.

5) Continue to take turns until someone fills in all of the circles.

6) If all of the circles under one column are colored and the coin still lands on that side, the student still has to complete the task, but doesn’t get to color a circle.

Make sure to grab this FREE No Prep Activity!

*This activity, plus hundreds of dollars of additional therapy materials are all a part of the membership!

Free 28 Page Word Lists Set!

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    March 15, 2018 at 8:39 pm

    There is a great app for coin toss ! Then no one has to climb under the table to find the queen that fell ?

    • Reply
      March 28, 2018 at 2:01 pm

      Really? Thank you for letting me know! I will have to look it up!

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