Use Cotton Balls To Engage Your Students During Winter Speech Therapy Sessions

So many of us have used cotton balls for winter crafts. Lately, I have been using this hygiene product to engage my students during my winter speech therapy sessions! My favorite part about this speech therapy ‘material’…it’s super cheap!

Here are two of the cotton ball games which have truly helped my students stay engaged and have fun during therapy!

Pass The Snowball

Things You Need:

Two big bowl, one large serving size spoon, one blindfold and one bag of cotton balls.

How to Play:

Put the cotton balls in one big bowl and place the other bowl close by.

Determine how much time each student will get for their turn. Older students can get less time and younger students can get more. I usually set 10-20 seconds for each student’s turn.

When it’s their turn, blindfold the student and have them move the cotton balls from one bowl to the other using only the big spoon. They have to move as many cotton balls as they can in the time allotted. To make it a little harder, place the bowls further away from each other.

As soon as they are done with their turn, count the balls in the second bowl. If the student is working on articulation, have them say their sound 1X for each cotton ball that was moved. If they are working on language goals, have them complete 1 language task for every 3-5 cotton balls.

It usually only takes 1 minute for students to complete their entire turn! You should be able to have each student go at least 7-10 times during a 30 minute session!

It’s Snowing Cotton Balls

Things You Need:

Language task cards or articulation flash cards and cotton balls

How to Play:

Take 10 language task cards or articulation flash cards and spread them out in a circle on the floor. Have one student stand in the middle of the circle and throw the cotton balls up in the air. After throwing the snowballs, students complete the task/say a sound for each card that has a cotton ball on it.

Once all students have had their turn, change the cards with ten new ones and play again.

It’s easy set up, quick, fun and engages students!

I can’t wait for you and your students to try these games! Leave a comment if you have ever used cotton balls in your speech therapy sessions!

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