Thank you so much for visiting my blog! 

My name is Jennifer Bradley and I am so excited that you decided to check out my blog!

If you are wondering how Speech Therapy Fun got started, here is the quick version…

When I was 6, I began seeing an SLP because I couldn’t say the dreaded /R/!

I remember having an argument with my cousin because I told her we bought a new ‘car’ and she wanted to come over and milk the ‘cow’.  I didn’t speak to her for a while because I was so mad!

Me as an awkward 6 year old who couldn’t say her /R/s.

Each  time I went to therapy, I had a blast because all we did was ‘play’. Little did I know, I was actually working on my /R/ sound.

In college, I decided that I wanted to use my creativity and love for children to, hopefully, help kids as my speech therapist helped me!

After many breakdowns, all nighters and freaking out before the Praxis exam, I finally earned my CCCs in 2010!

Michigan State University graduation with my parents, sisters and grandparents.

Currently, I work for a local contract company in the school setting. Each year can vary with the grades that I work with, but this year, I work with K-5th grade.

We all know that there is pretty much no budget for SLPs in the schools. I wasn’t able to personally afford expensive therapy games, cards, worksheets and that is when I started making my own!

I still spend hours at night creating materials that I hope will create a fun learning environment for my students.

After a couple of years of this, I had so many of my own materials and ideas! Knowing this, my husband kept pushing me to start a blog. It took a lot of coaxing! Not because I didn’t want to share my ideas, but because writing has never been a strength of mine. Surprisingly, math is more my thing!

Finally, in 2014, I worked up the courage and started this blog! I have been so surprised that other SLPs read my blog and never complain about my writing skills (thank you)!

Instead, I have felt humbled and blessed that people have enjoyed and been able to use some of my ideas and materials.

As for my home life, it is crazy and hectic, but I love it!

I have an amazing and supportive husband, Clark, who is truly my number one cheerleader.

My husband and I in 2003 before our first dance together! 

Us at ASHA 2016! He came to support me at my exhibit!

I have three beautiful children! They are the reason my life is so crazy and hectic, but they are also my world.
Arianna (5), Owen(2)  & David (born Nov. 2016)
 Our first time together as our family <3

So, here is me in a nutshell…

Wife, mom, SLP, blogger & material creator addict!

I truly hope that you find my blog helpful and that it makes your busy SLP life a little less hectic!

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