Speech and Language Winter Snowball Fight

Raise your hand if you think your students would love to have a snowball fight during school!

Why not let them have a speech and language snowball fight? Guaranteed fun for your students, plus an enormous amount of learning.

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So, are you ready to play?


Print out of the Free Download (above)

Dry Erase Marker

Bucket (optional)

Language Snowball Fight Instructions

    1. Print out and laminate pages 1-6.
    2. Print out 1-5 copies of page 7.  Cut out and crumple each snowball.
    3. Write your goal in each of the boxes on pages 1-5.  For example, if you are working on categories, you could write Animals, Toys, Transportation, Food and School in the boxes. *Make sure to use a dry erase marker, so you can keep reusing them!

Speech Therapy Fun: Language Snowball Fight

4. Hang pages 1-5 on a wall.
5. Have students stand in a line and take turns throwing a ‘snowball’ at the wall.
6. They must give an answer to whichever picture they hit (or are nearest to hitting). For example, if they hit ‘Animals’, they have to name an animal before it’s the next persons turn.

Speech Therapy Fun: Language Snowball Fight

Optional Ideas

*Keep score using page 6!  Have the students on individual teams or have them pair up.  Give one point per answer.

Speech Therapy Fun: Language Snowball Fight

* If you are working on articulation, place target words in each box.  Have students say the word they hit 5X.

Speech Therapy Fun: Language Snowball Fight

*Address plurals or address multiple goals!

Speech Therapy Fun: Language Snowball FightSpeech Therapy Fun: Language Snowball Fight

*Each snowball has a number on it. Have students open up the snowball and come up with the corresponding number of answers.  This should be for older or more advanced groups.
Speech Therapy Fun: Language Snowball Fight

That’s all there is to it! Having a snowball fight in your classroom will be easy, quick and engaging for students of all ages and abilities.

Have a snowball fighting time!

What winter activities do you do in your classroom?

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