Speech Therapy Games: Shout It Out

Speech Therapy Games: Shout It Out

You can never go wrong with speech therapy games! My students love playing Simon Says, so I created a game called, ‘Shout It Out’. It’s kind of like Simon Says meets Charades, but a little bit easier for students.

This speech therapy game is perfect for students who want (or need) to get out of their seats. Especially if you live somewhere cold (like I do), it’s the perfect game to play in the winter.

How to Play Shout It Out

You can either play as teams or individuals.

Below, I have listed how I play with 3 specific goals. However, you can target any skill while playing!


For prepositions, have each student take a chair and spread out. Then, shout out one prepositional word. For example, shout, “ON,” and they have quickly get on the chair. I usually count down with a “5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” and when I get to zero, they have to freeze in their position.

Then I ask each student, “Are you on your chair? Are you off your chair?”

Make sure you ask each student before you move on to the next word in the game. You can discuss the meaning of the word. If they’re not in the correct position, you can give them hints of what it would look like. For example, show them another student who is on their chair or say, “No, you’re under your chair,” etc.


This is my absolute favorite one to play. Yell out any category such as ‘animals. Students then get into the position of any item in that category. For example, if the category is animals, they can get into a dog pose.

After each category, count down from 5. When you get to zero, they have to freeze no matter what position they’re in. Then, ask each student what item they are demonstrating.

If they name an item that is not a part of the category you called, discuss it with them. You can give them clues, give them items to pick from or show them a different student who picked a correct item.


This version is a bit harder, so make sure that your students are at the appropriate age or cognitive level.

To play, yell out any word that has an antonym. Students then have to get into the opposite position. For example, if you yelled, ‘big’, they would have to get into a “small” position.

Again, talk to each student after you count down to zero and they freeze.

Methods of Play

You can address any goal with this game. You can keep scores by teams or play without scores.

If you want to make it a little bit easier, you can use flashcards. Hold up a picture of an animal and tell them to get into that animal position. If they’re still having trouble, they can look at that animal and get into that position.

This is one of my absolute favorite speech therapy games, so I hope you and your students have a great time playing!

If you liked this idea, you will love this post that includes more speech therapy games and free download! Check it out HERE!

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