5 Ways to Achieve 100 Articulation Trials During One Speech Therapy Session

100 articulation trials

Trying to get 100 articulation trials into one, 30-minute session seems impossible sometimes! As SLPs, we want to help our students progress, but it can be hard when we only get 1-2 small sessions each week. Plus, trying to engage our students during drill just makes it that much more difficult!

So, how can we get in 100 articulation trials during a short session while still engaging our students?

Here are five ways to get 100 articulation trials during one speech therapy session!

No Prep Dot Race

This free articulation activity is no prep and gets 100 articulation trials! I use this on the days that I don’t have time to plan, but still, want to engage my students.

To play, you just need this FREE DOWNLOAD, dice and daubers or markers. Students take turns rolling two dice and dotting the amount of dots shown on the dice. Whoever gets to the end first, wins!

Free Articulation Word Lists

Another easy way to get 100 articulation trials into one session is to use these FREE Articulation Word Lists!

I use these wordlists with any game, activity, craft, etc. All I have to do is go down the list of words and have students produce each word 5-10 times before taking their turn. Once they produce the word, I check it off and move onto the next one. It’s an easy way to get in all 100 trials into any therapy session with any activity.

Articulation with Legos

My students love using legos during speech therapy sessions. Last year, I took a large amount of Legos from my stash and created ‘Artic Legos’. To make them into Articulation Legos, I simply wrote a different number (1-5) on each brick.

When we use Legos during articulation therapy, I keep all of the bricks by me. Students request different colors and sizes. Before I give them each Lego brick, they have to produce their sound the number of times on the brick.

Due to the fact that they are using so many Lego bricks to build their towers, they easily produce 100+ trials in one session!

No Prep Articulation Coin Toss

A couple of years ago, I created a fun and interactive activity that would get 100 articulation trials in just one session! It’s another no prep articulation activity, so it’s perfect for any SLP without a lot of time!

I blogged about it HERE! Make sure to visit the blog post to download the FREE activity!

Articulation Picture Lists

Another way that I like to get 100 articulation trials is to use my Articulation Picture Lists. These lists let me play a variety of games with students while getting in a lot of trials.

One of my favorite ways to use these lists is to play ‘Find the Picture’. I name a picture and students race to find the picture. Whoever finds it first, says the name of the picture 10 times and then gets to color it! The student who colors in all of the pictures first (or the most at the end of the session) wins!

Since students are searching as quick as possible, we are able to get in a lot of trials!

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Free 28 Page Word Lists Set!

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    Tamatha Cauckwell
    February 3, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    I love your articulation word lists! They are super helpful and easy to use for a variety of speech and language activities and to incorporate into speech and language stations! Thanks for including my post on ways to keep students motivated to get those trials!

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      April 2, 2019 at 7:41 pm

      You’re welcome!

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