Speech Therapy Winter Craft: 3D Ice Skating

Speech Therapy Winter Craft

I love doing arts and crafts in speech therapy! It’s a great way to get students engaged while also targeting a variety of skills. This speech therapy winter craft is one of my favorites!

Why Crafts in Speech?

Specifically, I use crafts to target following directions, sequencing, describing, comparing, contrasting, and answering questions. For my articulation students, they get to work on their sounds at any level!

It’s also nice that they get to take something home from the speech room to not only make them proud of what they made but also to show their parents what they’re working on and what they accomplished in speech.

3D Ice Skating Craft

This is the perfect speech therapy winter craft. It’s inexpensive, easy to set up and requires almost no prep for you!


You will need the FREE DOWNLOAD, blue construction paper, one large bag of cotton balls, crayons, scissors and glue.


Print out the free download that’s included in this blog post and pass out one page of characters to each student.

Color and cut out the characters. Then, fold the bottom section of each character to create a ‘stand’. Put glue on the bottom edge of the fold and then glue it on the paper so that the characters stand up.

Finally, glue as many cotton balls as wanted onto the blue piece of paper to create a snow scene or a skating rink.

Speech Therapy Winter Craft

How to Address Different Skills


Have students say their sound at the word, phrase or sentence level five times before coloring, cutting and/or gluing the cottonballs.

Language, Vocabulary & Grammar

Following Directions: Give each student 1-3 step directions while creating the skating scene.

Open Ended: Have students complete one task before coloring, cutting and gluing each part of the craft.

Sequencing: Have students sequence the different steps that they have to do in order to make this project. You can also have students sequence different winter activities such as going ice skating or sledding, getting ready to go outside, building a snowman, etc.

Describing: Have students describe each character, cotton balls, glue, scissors, their winter scene, etc. You can also have students describe a variety of winter items such as ice skates, snowmen, snow, hot chocolate, etc.

Compare & Contrast: Students can compare and contrast their work to their friend’s work. They can compare and contrast different winter activities like skiing, ice skating, and sledding. Students can also compare and contrast different seasons.

Answering Questions: Students can answer questions about what they’re making, what they have to do for the next steps, what they like to do in the winter time, why they like to do certain things in the winter, etc.

Vocabulary: Work on vocabulary by having your students come up with antonyms and synonyms for different words or have them define and describe different vocabulary words that have to do with winter time.

Book Companions: You can use this craft while reading a variety of winter books. I have listed my two favorites below. Mice on Ice includes rhyming words and has very colorful pictures. Cara’s Kindness is about being kind to everyone, so it is perfect for addressing social skills.

This speech therapy winter craft is a great way to encourage students to work on a variety of skills, is great for mixed groups and can be used to decorate your speech room!

If you do this craft, I would love to hear how it went!

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