Spring Speech Therapy Craft: Build A Flower

Spring speech therapy craft

Do you need a spring speech therapy craft? This is another one of my favorites because it is open-ended, low prep and usually takes me one to two sessions to complete!

Build A Flower

To set up for this craft, you will first print out the instructions. There are two different sets of instructions, one for language and one for articulation.

Articulation instructions have the number of times students need to say a particular word. The language instructions have smaller numbers because the language tasks take longer.

Print out a couple of sets for each group. You don’t need one page of each set per student.

You can download your free craft here:

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    1. At the start of the activity, pass out construction paper for the background. If you don’t have construction paper, computer paper works.
    2. Let your students choose which flower parts they want for their flower. The cooler the flower part, the higher number of tasks. First, I have them pick the center of the flower, then the stem, then petals and finally the leaves.
    3. Each part they choose, they have to complete the number of tasks indicated under that part.
    4. To make it more difficult, have students complete that number of tasks each time they color, cut and paste the part.

    After your students are done, use them to decorate your room or the hallway. I hope you and your students enjoy this spring speech therapy craft!

    Make sure to download your FREE spring speech therapy craft here:

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