Speech Therapy Activities: 4 Ways to Use Paper Clips

Using paper clips in speech therapy

Using everyday objects in therapy is a perfect way to address a variety of skills, engage your students all while being cheap for you! Here are 4 speech therapy activities you can do with paper clips!

Paper Clips for Behavior

There are two different speech therapy activities to address behavior.

  1. Using page 1 from the free download, list a variety of different behaviors that you want your students to demonstrate. Once they demonstrate the behavior, they get to color the paperclip or place one paperclip on the image. You can use this during just one session, or use it throughout the month.
  2. Another way to use paperclips for behavior is to give students one paperclip for each positive behavior that they demonstrate. Have students clip them together to create a chain of paperclips throughout the year. By the end of the year, they will have a long chain showing their progress! *I use color paperclips for this specific activity.

Paper Clips for Goals

This idea is the same as the behavior list but is for achieving goals or completing tasks throughout the session. Using page 2, list the goals that you want your student to accomplish throughout the session. It could be something like, “Use your sound three times during a conversation,” or “Take turns without any help”. Once they accomplish that goal, they can color the clip or place one on the image.

You can also create a paper clip chain for skills completed (just like #2 under Paper Clips for Behavior).

Paper Clip Race

The goal of this game is to connect one paper clip to another (page 3).

Print out and laminate one copy of page 3. Pass out 8-10 paper clips to each student. Each student should have a different color set of paper clips. Each time a student completes a task, they get to place their paperclip on page 3. Continue to complete tasks and add to the chain.

The first person to attach the two paperclip images in their line, wins!

Paper Clip Go Fish

I also have used paper clips to play a sort of ‘go fish’ game. Tape one paper clip to the back of each flash card. Place all of the flashcards in a pile in the center of the table.

Using magnetic fishing rods, have your students go fishing! Once they ‘catch’ a card, they have to complete a task in order to keep it. Continue to play until the session is over!

*I use the magnetic fishing rods from my Melissa & Doug set, but you can use any magnetic fishing rod!

As you can see, there are a number of fun ways that you can use something as simple as paper clips in your speech therapy activities!

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