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Speech Therapy Fun: Planning Tips       
Do you ever find yourself trying to constantly come up with new ideas for speech and language therapy?  I know that with my preschool students, coming up with new ideas are a must!   Want to make your life easier while also helping to reinforce what your students are learning in the classroom?   Here is what you can do!
     Ask your students’ teachers what their weekly or monthly themes are!  I know that most preschool/kindergarten teachers have weekly themes to help their students learn.  Why should you use themes?
Speech Therapy Fun: Planning Tips
1) They make it easier to come up with therapy ideas
2) They reinforce what your students are already learning
3) Your students will be familiar with the material, so you can focus on speech and language
4) Your students will have a chance to get 1 on 1 help with this theme!  If they have any questions or are confused, you can help them!
Find out the theme of the week and then…
1) Pick a craftivity—Go on Pinterest and type in ’Your Theme’ craft ideas.  You will get hundreds of craft options to do with your students.  Work on following directions, articulation, sequencing, colors, describing, etc. during the craftivity.
2) Play a game—Go on Pinterest (make Pinterest your best friend) and type in ’Your Theme’ game ideas.  Play the game with your students and work on following directions, articulation, sequencing, describing, social skills, etc.
3) Read a book—I know that most SLPs have an entire library of books!  Find a book that has to do with your theme.  For example, if the theme is Pirates, find a book on lakes/oceans, boats, treasure, maps, etc.  Target goals such as ‘Wh’ questions, yes/no questions, describing, basic concepts, etc.
Have you ever used themes in your therapy?  What themes have you worked on?

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