Speech Therapy Games: Toss A Sound

Some of my favorite speech therapy games are ones where my students are up and moving!
This ‘Toss A Sound’ game is perfect for your students who love to get up and move around! I have used it as an articulation activity, but you can use it in a variety of ways!

How To Play


Coin, Free Download, Word Lists or Picture Cards


  1. Place the mats in a vertical line with ‘2’ being the closest to the throw line and ’10’ being furthest from the line.
  2. Make a throw line for your students to stand behind.
  3. Have the students line up behind the throw line and give the first student a coin.
  4. Throw the coin and see which mat it lands on or closest to.
  5. Then, the student says his/her sound as many times as indicated by the mat.
  6. Once the student completes this task, he/she gets that amount of points.
  7. Write the points on the scorecard (included in the free download).
  8. Continue to play until time runs out!

Speech therapy games are really a great way to motivate your students! Make sure to download this Toss A Sound game to use with your students!

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