Staying Organized This Year

Speech Therapy Plans: Staying Organized
Each year, I have a goal of staying organized…I’m a work in progress 🙂 As we all know, the further into the year we get, the more difficult organization can be. These are a few simple things that I do in the beginning of the year to help me stay organized throughout the entire year.

1) Laminate Your To Do Lists

I go through so many to do lists throughout the year.  It takes extra time to print these to do lists and I can’t count how many times I have lost them! This past year, I decided to laminate my list and tape it right next to my computer. Once it was laminated, I wrote my tasks down using a wet erase marker. When the tasks were done, I simply wiped them off! Plus, I didn’t lose it because it was taped down.
Speech Therapy Back To School Organization

2) Get Your Files Organized

My files get overloaded with paperwork and it makes it hard to find certain files when I need them. Instead of looking through one big pile of papers, organize your files with strips of paper labeled with years, categories, etc. Fold the strips of paper around each pack of papers for easy access!
Speech Therapy Plans: Organizing Your Files
Speech Therapy Back To School Organization
Speech Therapy Back To School Organization

3) Use Manila Envelopes

In order to keep track of upcoming IEPs, I place all upcoming IEP files into a large (12X15.5 or bigger) manila envelope labeled ‘Upcoming IEPs’. I then glue my IEP information pages (Free Download) on the outside of the envelope. This keeps me organized, helps me remember what to do next and I don’t waste time looking for files or paperwork.
I hope these ideas help keep you organized this year! Once you get organized for the school year, check out how I organize my students’ work HERE.

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