10 Reasons To Use Speech Folders

Speech Therapy Fun: 10 Reasons to use Speech Folders

Do you ever find it impossible to remember your students’ goals, remember what you did in yesterday’s session or forget to do your logs for the day?  This used to happen to me all the time, until I discovered speech folders!  Speech folders keep me organized, help my students in multiple ways and save me time!

How To Create Speech Folders

Create speech folders with this FREE download!

Top 10 reasons that I love using speech folders!

  1. The students goals are stated on the folders. This reminds the students of their goals during every session and helps you remember!
  2. Each student’s daily logs are in the folders. Do your logs during the session and keep them all together. That way, you don’t lose random pieces of paper!
  3. All of the IEP at a Glance sheets are there for quick reference and as perfect reminders.
  4. I like to have my students keep their unfinished work in the folders. That way, we can finish it during the next session!
  5. The folders are a great place to keep completed work.  Students love taking these home at the end of the year!
  6. Sticker charts are right where you need them (if you decide to use sticker charts)
  7. Students know what to do as soon as they walk in the room…grab their folders and sit down.
  8. Store homework sheets in the folders for quick and easy access.  It only takes 2 minutes to send home homework at the end of each session.
  9. Speech folders are a great way to keep organized! They can be easily stacked by groups, color coordinated and easily stored.

So, are you convinced that speech folders are a great way to stay organized?  If not, that is totally fine!  We all have our own way of doing things.  If you want to use speech folders, I have a wonderful FREE DOWNLOAD for you!

It explains what you need, how to organize your speech folders and it’s editable!  I hope that you and your students love them as much as I do!

Need more ways to stay organized, while providing fun and interactive therapy? Join hundreds of SLPs in the Speech Therapy Plans community!

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  • Reply
    Kimberly jones
    August 28, 2016 at 4:54 am

    I too have used a similar folder system and couldn’t stay organized without it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful “folder sheets”. Have a great school year!

    • Reply
      September 1, 2016 at 2:34 pm

      I couldn’t stay organized without them either! Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you have a wonderful school year!

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