Valentine’s Day Activity

Need a last minute activity for Valentine’s day?  Well, hopefully this will be a fun activity to do with your students this week.  I just bye two boxes of Valentine’s day cards for about $1.50 each.  I buy one ‘girl’ and one ‘boy’ box.  For example, I just recently bought a princess and a superheroes box of cards.  Besides the box of cards, you will just need crayons or markers, construction paper, glue and some stickers if you would like.  Once in therapy, have your students pick out one or two cards to glue onto their paper.  Once glued, start doing your therapy by asking questions, having them describe it or compare and contrast the pictures.  Here is how I address each goal.

‘WH’ Questions – Ask the students different questions about the card they picked.  Have them write their answers around the card and then decorate the paper.  Questions could include, ‘Why did you pick this card?’, ‘What is the person doing?’, ‘Where else can you see this character?’, etc.

Describe – Have the students glue a card in the middle of the paper.  Have them decorate around the card with descriptive words.  You can prompt the students by asking them questions or make it harder and don’t give them any prompts.

Comparing – Have the students pick 2 cards and glue them next to each other.  Make 2 columns and label one ‘Similar’ and one ‘Different’.  Have the students write down (or name if they can’t write) 5 different similarities and differences under each column.  Then, have the students decorate their papers.

I hope you have fun with these Valentine’s project ideas!

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