Spring & Easter Fun

Speech Therapy Fun: Spring & Easter Therapy Ideas
Spring is almost here!  Need some ideas or things to do in therapy? Here are some fun ideas to keep kids engaged in your speech sessions. 
Build A Peep A Home


Items Needed: Graham Crackers, Royal Icing (Icing to stick things together), Peeps, Easter Grass, Chocolate Eggs or Jelly Beans
This project can address sequencing, prepositions and following directions. 


Sequencing & Following Directions – While creating the house, use sequencing words such as first, second and last. Give the student 1-2 step directions on how to make the house.
Prepositions – After building the house, give the student directions on where to place the peep and/or eggs.  For example, tell the student to put the peep ‘inside’ the house and the egg ‘next to’ the house.
Place all items in a basket or box.  Discuss each item with the student and have him/her describe the items.  When giving directions, tell the students what to take ‘out’ of the box and when to take them.
Spring Speech Therapy Fun
Use the icing to put the house together.  Place the grass inside the house. 
Spring Speech Therapy FunSpring Speech Therapy Fun
Give the student directions on where to place the peep(s) and/or the chocolate eggs. 
Spring Speech Therapy FunSpring Speech Therapy Fun
Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt
Items Needed: Easter Eggs, Easter Grass, Clue Print Outs, Candy if wanted
This scavenger hunt can address following directions, prepositions, recalling information and problem solving. 
Print out the clue tags (download below).  Write in your directions and place the directions in the eggs.  Make sure you place the tags in the correct order, so that the scavenger hunt is able to be completed.  Hide the eggs in the corresponding spots.  For the scavenger hunt, you can read the clues and help the student or have the student complete it by himself/herself. 
Spring Speech Therapy Fun
Spring Speech Therapy FunSpring Speech Therapy Fun






Click Here to download the Scavenger Hunt tags. 
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