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Students these days love to play apps on an ipad or iPhone. I have found that it is a good idea to use apps in therapy every so often. My students get really excited to ‘play’ and never want to leave the therapy room! There are so many apps out there and many tend to be either expensive or free and useless. At least once per month, I will post about an app that I use in therapy and how it is useful to my students.

Speech Therapy Free App

Today, I have picked the Disney Princess Palace Pets app. It is free, but you can buy certain upgrades. I haven’t bought any upgrades and it has still proved to be very useful in therapy. When you open the app, you will see a ‘palace pet’ named Blossom. If you click on Blossom, a short story about her will automatically begin. If the sound is on, the story will be read to you.

After the story is read, I ask the students yes/no or ‘wh’ questions for reading comprehension. These questions can be as easy as, ‘Was the story about Blossom?’ or as hard as, ‘What does Blossom love more than eating?’.

Speech Therapy Free App


Once all of the questions are answered, click on the heart in the upper right hand corner. This will take you to a salon! Students can wash Blossom’s fur, dry it, brush it, cut it or add accessories to it. They can also feed blossom and finally see what she looks like at the end. In order to do all of these things, just click on the different circles at the bottom. You can also swipe along the bottom to do different things in the salon. When the students are doing blossoms hair, I work on many different goals. Some of the following goals are below.


Following Directions – I give students 1-2 step directions, such as put soap on Blossom’s head and then wash it off. There are so many direction that can be given with this app!
Prepositions – I tell students where to do things. Some examples would be, ‘Place a bow on top of Blossom’s head’ or ‘Put a necklace in front of Blossom’s neck’.
Antonyms – You can address antonyms by talking about what the students are doing. For example, if the student turns the water on, you can say, ‘You turned the water on. What’s the opposite of on?’. Antonyms I was able to use include on/off, above/below, small/big, lot/little, wet/dry, cold/hot.
Complete Phrases/Sentences – Have the students narrate what they are doing.
Answering Questions – Ask them about what they are doing.


Speech Therapy Free App

If you want a different animal, click the heart on the upper left. It will take you back to Blossom. Swipe to the right to find more animals and stories. Any of the animals who are ‘awake’ are free!

I hope this app review helped!

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