Hungry Hungry Hippos In Speech Therapy

Hungry Hungry Hippos In Speech Therapy

Hungry, Hungry Hippos In Speech Therapy

Need a fun game to play in therapy? Try Hungry Hungry Hippos or a cheaper version of this game!

Hungry Hungry Hippos In Speech Therapy

I bought Feeding Frenzy (virtually the same as Hungry Hungry Hippos) from 5 Below which is a dollar store by me.

Articulation Therapy Ideas

Play one round of the game, which usually only takes a minute or two. Once all of the balls are ‘eaten’, I have the kids start their work.

Have to say their sounds a certain amount of time depending on the colors of the balls in their trays.

Red Ball = Say sound in syllables 5X per red ball

Green Ball = Say sound in words 4X per green ball

Blue Ball = Say sound in phrases 3X per blue ball

Yellow Ball = Say sound in sentences 2X per yellow ball

Hungry Hungry Hippos In Speech Therapy

Language Therapy Ideas

If my students are working on language, they have to say answer a question, name a category, etc. for each different color ball.

Red Ball = Answer 2 ‘wh’ questions

Blue Ball = Name 2 items in a category

Green Ball = Answer a question using a complete sentence

Yellow Ball = Follow 2 different 1-2 step directions

You can address any goals you want! Just write down a different skill for each color!

Need Other Therapy Game Ideas?

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Hungry hungry hippos is a fun way to interact with your students and keep them excited to learn. What other games do you like to use in therapy?

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