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Every December, I get a notification that it is once again time to pay my ASHA dues. So, I go online and register for another year without paying attention to what ASHA has to offer. Recently, I was looking at their website and stumbled upon ASHA community. Maybe I am the only one that didn’t know this, but ASHA Community offers multiple forums with thousands of users! They have a forum for pretty much every topic that a speech therapist would be interested in. Beyond having great topics, it seems as though all questions that are asked on the forum are answered by many fellow speech therapists. All you need to participate is your ASHA log in information. It is a great resource that I will definitely be using in the future! So, if you were like me and just paid your yearly dues without ever knowing what ASHA had to offer, I hope this helps you now and in the future. Click here to read about the ASHA Community.

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