5 Speech Therapy Homework Ideas

One of the things that SLPs constantly struggle with is speech therapy homework. Do we take the time to prepare and send it home? Do parents even want it? What should we send that would actually be beneficial to students? That’s why I have come up with these five homework ideas to hopefully provide you with easy solutions!

Before reading about the five ideas, here are some homework tips.

Do they want the homework?

There are kids and/or parents who are stressed about the current homework demands. Then, there are parents personally request speech homework! Find out if they actually want homework before sending it home. There are two ways that I have done this in the past.

1. Talk to parents at IEP meetings

When you meet with parents at IEP meetings (or any meeting), discuss whether they want speech therapy homework and how much time they want to dedicate to it.

2. Send home a note

If you aren’t meeting with the parents, send a note home at the beginning of the year. Ask them if they want speech homework for their child. Give them the option to send the note back, email you or call you with their request.

5 Speech Therapy Homework Ideas

Remind App

The Remind App is used by many schools and is amazing! If your school doesn’t have a plan, you can download it for free. The app allows you to communicate with parents one on one or in a group. You are able to send text messages and pictures to individual parents or your entire caseload.

Something I like to do is update parents on their child’s progress, text them the homework for the week or send pictures of their child in therapy. Another idea is to send all your parents your monthly speech plans, reminders about progress reports coming home, open house reminders, etc.

Homework Slips

One of my go to homework ideas, is sending THESE little slips of paper home. In the beginning of the year, I print and cut a ton of copies of these slips and place some in each student’s folder.

At the end of each session, I take 30 seconds to write a quick blurb on what we worked on that day and what they should work on for homework. The parents can sign it and send it back if they want.

Sometimes I give stickers for bringing the homework slip back. However, this is optional.

Articulation Homework Flip Books & Language Homework

These take a little more time, but once you send them home, you are good for the year!

At the beginning of each year (or at the initial IEP meeting), I create and send home my Articulation Homework Flip Books. Students are extremely motivated to complete each phase and bring it back to school.

I can honestly tell you that my parents have raved about these flip books and I truly see students making progress at home.

The Language Homework set is a way to show parents how to encourage language in every day tasks. There are different levels and a variety of daily tasks such as eating, brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc.


Newsletters are extremely easy to create, take minimal time and keep parents updated. If you are creating your own, you can include a speech fact, vocabulary words, language and/or articulation activities, assignments and a note!

Monthly newsletters are one of the over 800 materials in the Speech Therapy Plans membership!


There are so many language and articulation ‘calendars’ on TPT. They are easy to send home and give parents daily activities to complete with their child. I like to send home calendars for summer homework as they are open ended, allow for vacation time and don’t put too much stress on students and parents. You can download my Summer Calendars for free HERE.

Try Things Out

These are my five simple ways to send speech therapy homework without causing students and parents unnecessary stress. Try a variety of these ideas and see which ones your students like. You can also tailor the homework to each student by sending calendars home for some, flip books home for others and the daily notes for the rest.

Remember, your goal is to include the parents in their child’s success by providing materials they want and can use! Let them help you in the progress of their child.

Do you send homework with your students? What has worked for you? I would love to know in the comments below!

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