Summer Speech & Language Homework

Speech Therapy Fun: Summer Speech Homework

Sending home homework can be a pain and in the past has taken me DAYS to put together!  One of the worst feelings is taking days upon days to put together summer homework packets and parents throwing them out because they are too difficult, take too much time or they didn’t want them in the first place!

Here are my 5 tips to sending home homework that will actually be used!

  1. Send home a note 6 weeks before school ends asking the parents if they want homework.  I recommend sending this note home twice (around 6 weeks AND 4 weeks before the end of school).  Download my FREE note here. If the parents are truly interested in summer homework, they will send the note back.
  2. Put together an easy and user friendly packet.  If it’s too difficult to understand or complete, it won’t be done!
  3. Make the activities quick!  Summer activities should be less than 10 minutes 3-5 times/week.
  4. Allow for vacations & be flexible.  Send homework that allows for vacations or off weeks!
  5. MAKE IT FUN!  Who wants to sit and do boring homework over the summer?!

I have found that by using the five steps above, my students have come back with completed homework that they are proud of!  PLUS, all of my hard work doesn’t get thrown in the trash!

Now, if you don’t have time to create your own homework or scavenge through 1,000+ homework packets on Teachers Pay Teachers, here is a list of recommendations.  I spent 2 hours going through TPT products and I highly recommend the following:


LanguaSpeech Therapy Fun: Summer Homeworkge Homework for Speech Therapy

by Speech Therapy Fun ($4.00)
  • Includes directions to address language during six different daily routines (getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating, cooking, cleaning and playing), five different levels for each routine & parent note to explain the homework. Each level gets slightly more difficult starting at nonverbal (level 1) up to speaking in full sentences and answering difficult questions (level 5).

Speech Therapy Fun: Recommended Summer HomeworkExpressive & Receptive Language Builder: Summer Edition (PreK-5)

by TLC Talk Shop ($7.50)
  • Includes vocabulary cards, summer lingo, I have.. who has.. card game, recalling, Wh- questions, following directions and descriptive features


Speech Therapy Fun: Summer Homework Summer Receptive & Expressive Language Pack (PreK-1)

by Sarah Wu – Speech Is Beautiful ($5.00)
  • Addresses listening, describing, pronouns,  following directions, sorting and answering yes/no questions!  There will also be a Spanish version coming soon!



Speech Therapy Fun: Recommended Summer HomeworkArticulation Word Lists

by Speech Therapy Fun (FREE)
  • Send home one of these word lists and tell your students’ parents to practice 5 of the words per day!



Speech Therapy Fun: Recommended Summer HomeworkArticulation Homework Flip Books

by Speech Therapy Fun (price varies depending on sound set)
  • Bundle includes 11 sounds or comes in smaller sound sets.  Includes parent letter home and 12 different phases for each sound.  Each phase includes directions, review of previous stage, new sounds to practice and 15 boxes to check off.



Speech Therapy Fun: Recommended Summer HomeworkSummer Articulation & Language Calendars

by Speech Therapy Fun (FREE)
  • Includes 2 articulation calendars, 2 language calendars, 2 ‘I Did My Homework’ charts and 1 parent letter.



Speech Therapy Fun: Recommended Summer HomeworkSpeech Therapy Summer: Dice & Dot

by Ashley Rossi ($18.00)
  • Includes instructions page, calendar pages (June/July/August), articulation worksheets & language worksheets (101 pages total)!



Speech Therapy Fun: Recommended Summer HomeworkSummer Homework Calendars for Speech (Articulation, Language & Fluency)

by A Perfect Blend ($3.25)
  • Includes 3 calendars (June, July, and August) for each target area (Articulation, Language and Fluency). Activities are designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less. Also includes a parent cover letter & a speech reflection activity page.  The best part is that there aren’t dates on the calendars, so they are reusable every year!


I hope this makes your summer homework planning a breeze!  Do you have any tips for planning summer homework?  I would love to hear them in the comments below!

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