Speech Therapy Plans & Teach Speech 365 Team Up!

At Speech Therapy Plans, we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to enhance our services to offer you the best Speech Therapy care. That’s why today, we are proud to announce our collaboration with Teach Speech 365 and Nikki Hunjan!

Nikki is an ASHA-certified SLP known for her amazing contributions to the SLP community and is the creative force behind the remarkable materials, plans, and more at Teach Speech 365. Whether engaging on social media, sharing invaluable speech solutions, or managing her roles as a devoted mother and wife, Nikki has forged an impressive career. It is her unwavering dedication to both family and the SLP community that aligns with our vision, making her the perfect collaborator.

Nikki will work with us to develop themed activities, games, plans, and more for our monthly Speech Therapy subscription boxes. These activities are designed to maximize the value of the items you receive in your box, providing you with easy, quick, and ready-to-go solutions that will simplify your life.

We are thrilled about the future with Nikki and Teach Speech 365. This collaboration will enable us to offer SLPs and parents providing home therapy valuable speech resources that will assist in speech progress with children.

Check out some of the materials of Nikki’s available for purchase in our store…

Lets Learn about Pets! | Language Activities

Dive into the captivating world of pets with ‘Let’s Learn about Pets!’ This language activity resource is a pet-themed treasure trove! Explore a range of exciting language activities designed to make learning fun and enriching 🐸🐦🐶🐱

Farm Animal Friends | Speech Therapy Material

Take a stroll around the farm with the ‘Farm Animal Friends’ activity! This speech therapy activity is a fun-packed farm adventure designed to improve speech skills 🐮🐷🐥🐴

Learn more about Nikki and Teach Speech 365 by visiting the following links…

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