How to Overcome “Imposter Syndrome”

Imposter Syndrome is when you can’t internalize success, skills, and achievements. It’s almost comical that we go to school for 6 years yet we still can’t help these feelings. But, it happens to anyone who actively pushes their career forward. As long as you’re striving forward, you’ll find yourself at new and challenging points that can be very humbling. So, how do we SLPs fight off these feelings of doubt?

Five Tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

  1. Recognize your journey: If you’re dealing with uncertainty, take a moment and remember how you got here. Think back on the students that completely turned their skills around…and that’s thanks to you and all the hard work you’ve done!
  2. Continue learning: Being an SLP is a non-stop learning experience. Embrace it! I am always continuing my PD and I enroll in continuing education courses to help increase my clinical competence in areas I feel less confident in.
  3. Don’t know something? Look it up!: Pull out your old books, look on ​ASHA​, consult with other SLPs, and your school team, and learn from what you don’t know. You’ll also find out how much knowledge you have to share with others 😉
  4. Use social media…wisely: The SLP online community can be super helpful and I’ve learned more than you can imagine from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media posts. We all know spending time on social media can send you down some wild rabbit holes, so watch your screen time and keep it productive!
  5. Find an SLP to confide in: Discover the incredible support of the SLP community by confiding in a fellow SLP who truly understands your journey. Sharing with someone who can empathize with your unique experience provides valuable growth and reassurance. You’ll soon realize that there are plenty of other SLPs in the world fighting the same doubts.

Now, get out there and conquer those doubts!

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