Planning a Halloween Speech Party For Your Students

Students are always up for a Halloween speech party! A couple of years ago, I thought about how I could incorporate therapy goals into a party. After having various speech parties, I noticed that my students always had a blast and had no problem participating in therapy. This year, I am hoping that you will be able to have a speech party with your students too!

Concept of a Speech Party

So, the concept behind the speech party was to incorporate communication into a party. With kids, you can just say, ‘it’s a party’ and they will bring their energy and enthusiasm into any activity. What I thought of doing was letting them participate in creative activities that would get them excited while also having them work on their speech and language goals. I planned various activities which could be completed over one or two sessions.

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Bag Craft

The first activity I planned for them was creating their own treat bags. I bought cheap paper bags and some sheets of Halloween stickers. I gave each kid a bag and put out stickers, crayons and markers. They had to decorate their bags while I asked each individual student to complete a task. During each turn, they produced five words with their sound or completed 1-2 language tasks. We continued to go around the circle until all of the bags were complete.

Once they were done with their bags, I let them take a couple pieces of candy or little toys. For your speech party, you can easily buy little toys from Oriental Trading or at Costco. If you don’t want to buy any toys or candy, simply use the bag for the hats that they will make during the party.

Create A Halloween Hat

During our Halloween speech party, we also made hats! Using the FREE DOWNLOAD (below), I had my students choose their hat shape (witch, bat or pumpkin). They decorated and colored their hats while I continued to go around the circle and complete articulation and/or language tasks. Once again, they were happily busy creating something which allowed me to concentrate on therapy with each student. Once they were done decorating and coloring the hats, I helped them punch a hole on both sides and place string or ribbon through them. They were able to then wear the hats for the rest of the speech party!

Spider Throw

One of the games that I found to be a lot of fun was the Spider Game (included in the FREE DOWNLOAD). Remember the Bozo The Clown show? My favorite game on that show was the one in which players threw things in the buckets. This is how I came up with the Spider Game. My students tried throwing paperclips onto the furthest spider to get points. All I did was place the spiders in a vertical line with the lowest point spider closest to the students. Students then tossed a paperclip (or coin) onto one of the spiders. Before getting points, they had to complete the amount of tasks shown on that spider. I used the points shown on the spiders when working on articulation. When I was working on language goals with my students, I gave them 1, 2, 3 or 4 tasks for the different spiders.  When you and your students play this game, you can keep score or just play for fun!

The Halloween speech party was a huge hit with my students! Make sure get your Free Download which includes directions, materials and printouts needed for your own Halloween speech party!

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