Common Objects for Uncommon Speech Therapy: Pencil ‘Lead’ Therapy

I am so excited for the first post of my new series, ‘Common Objects for Uncommon Speech Therapy’! To read about this new series, click here.  I hope you and your students enjoy these pencil activities as much as we did!  All you need for each of these activities are pencils, picture cards or task cards and the free download provided by me!

Speech Therapy Fun: Pencil 'Lead' Therapy
Activity #1 – The Dot ‘Pencil’ Game
Ages: Any
Materials: Pencils & Picture or Task Cards
Goals Addressed: Any
Set Up: Place cards evenly spaced on a large table or the floor.  Place pencils in between each card, so that they are all connected.  See pictures.
Speech Therapy Fun: Pencil 'Lead' Therapy
How To Play: Have students take turns taking one pencil off at a time. Continue to have students take a pencil until one card is completely ‘uncovered’ or untouched by a pencil.  The student who ‘uncovers’ one of the cards first has to either say that word 5 times (for articulation goals) or complete the task on the card (for language goals).
Speech Therapy Fun: Pencil 'Lead' TherapyIf they correctly complete their task, they get to keep the card.  If not, the next student gets to try. Whoever correctly completes the task first, gets to keep the card.  The students can continue taking pencils until another card is ‘uncovered’.
Speech Therapy Fun: Pencil 'Lead' Therapy
Once all cards are uncovered and all tasks are completed, the student with the most cards wins!


Activity #2 – Spin A Pencil
Speech Therapy Fun: Pencil 'Lead' TherapyAges: Children who are able to spin the pencil correctly
Materials: Pencils & picture/task cards that have matching pairs
Goals Addressed: Any
Set Up: Place one card from each match in a large circle and place a pencil in the middle. Pass out the remaining matches to each student and have them place the cards in front of them facing up.
Speech Therapy Fun: Pencil 'Lead' TherapyHow To Play: Have students take turns spinning the pencil.  Once the pencil stops spinning, the student has to say that word 5X or complete the task on the card that the pencil is pointing to.
Speech Therapy Fun: Pencil 'Lead' TherapyIf the student has the match of that card, they get to pick up the card and place it with their match.  If not, it is the next student’s turn.  Continue to take turns spinning the pencil and completing the tasks.  The student who gets all of their matches first, wins!

Speech Therapy Fun: Pencil 'Lead' TherapyActivity #3 – Find The Pencils

Ages: Any
Goals Addressed: Articulation
Set Up: Write the numbers 1-6 on the erasers of the pencils. For a group of 3 students, I had four pencils for each number.  I also threw in three pencils with the number 10 to make it more difficult.
Speech Therapy Fun: Pencil 'Lead' TherapyHow To Play: Give each student their own copy of the Pencil Game worksheet.  Place all of the pencils on the table with the erasers facing you, so that the students can’t see the numbers.  Have your students take turns each pulling one pencil. When the students pick a pencil, they have to say their sound/word/etc. the amount of times as stated on the pencil.  Once they correctly say their words, the student gets to keep the pencil and place it on their worksheet.  If that pencil number is already covered, they have to put the pencil back in the pile.  Have students continue to take turns until one student fills up their entire worksheet to win the game!
I hope you enjoyed the first post of the series Common Objects for Uncommon Speech Therapy! Just a reminder that you can also participate in this series by suggesting materials for me to use.  Just leave a comment with your suggestion!

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