Speech Therapy Materials…Where To Get The Best Deals!

Speech Therapy Fun: Where To Buy Materials

Have you ever said to yourself, ‘Yes, I want to pay $40 for a board game!’ or ‘Wow, this one pack of articulation cards is only $100!’…probably not.  If you are like me, you probably think, ‘How can any SLP afford this stuff?’ Well, after asking myself that same question over and over, I decided to find some new places to shop.  I now have a huge pile of great therapy materials that I bought for about 5% of what they would cost at a specialty store or big company website.  Want to know my secret?  Here is a list of my ‘secret stores’ where I buy all of my materials.

1) Mom to Mom sales – Go online to find mom to mom sales in your area.  These are probably the best places to pick up games, books, puzzles, arts and crafts and more! 
2) Garage Sales/Yard Sales – I recommend keeping some cash in your car, so that whenever you see a great garage sale, you are prepared to buy!
3) Church Sales – Church sales usually have a lot of donations that people donate for fundraising purposes.  Buy some materials to help your students while supporting the local church!
4) Library Book Sales – Most libraries will have a semi annual sale to get rid of all of their extra books.  Not only are these sales great for elementary kids, they are also beneficial for middle school and high school students!
5) Dollar Stores – Great for stickers, arts and crafts and other fun items.  No matter how ‘cheap’ something is, your students will still love it!
6) Teachers Pay Teachers – There are so many great SLPs that sell materials on this site or give away materials for FREE!  This site is a great place to find materials, while also supporting fellow SLPs. 

I hope this list helps you stock up on great materials over the summer.  Now, go out and shop ’til you drop!

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