Easter Therapy Activities & FREE Download!

Speech Therapy Fun: Easter Activities   Some of you lucky SLPs are already on break and I hope you are enjoying a restful, peaceful and fun week.  For those of us who don’t have break until next week, here are a couple of fun Easter activities (and a freebie of course) to get you through!

Easter Egg Races
Materials: Easter Eggs (8-10 per student), Jelly Beans (or something small to go in the eggs), Spoons (one per student), 1 Big Basket, 1 Little basket (or bowl) per student and Free WorksheetSpeech Therapy Fun: Easter Activities
Goals Addressed: Language and/or Articulation
How To Play: 1) Place 0-3 jellybeans in each of the Easter eggs. 2) Set up the baskets, in a horizontal line, with 1-2 feet in between them.  3) Give each student a spoon and have the students line up next to the baskets.  4) Place all of the eggs into one big basket on the opposite side of the room.  5) On ‘go’, students walk as quick as possible across the room to the big basket of eggs.  They must grab an egg and place it on their spoon.  6) Once their spoon is extended out in front of them, they must ‘walk quickly’ back to their basket and drop the egg in their own basket. If the egg falls off the spoon, they must go back to the beginning and start again.
Speech Therapy Fun: Easter Activities7) Once all of the eggs are in the individual baskets, have the students bring their eggs to the table and sit down. **The entire race should only take 1-2 minutes out of therapy time** 8) Continue with the steps after the ‘Find The Jelly Beans’ section.
OR (If you don’t want to have a race)
Find The Jelly Beans
Materials: Cupcake liners (8-10 per student), Jelly Beans (or something small to go under the liners), 1 Little basket (or bowl) per student and Free Worksheet
Goals Addressed: Language and/or ArticulationSpeech Therapy Fun: Easter Activities
How To Play: 1) Place 0-3 jellybeans under each cupcake liner and set them in a large square on a table.  2) Have students take turns picking up the liners and placing the jelly beans they find in their individual baskets.  3) After everyone collects their jellybeans, continue with the steps below.
Once you complete one of the activities above…
1) Give each student one of the two worksheets. 2) Have students take turns opening one of their eggs or taking the jellybeans out of their basket.  For each jellybean they take out, the students must complete a task. You can come up with the task such as, ‘say your word 5X’ or use the worksheet with Easter themed words to address language goals.  This open ended worksheet can be used to describe, formulate sentences, define, categorize, etc. 3) If the student correctly completes the task, they get to place a jellybean on one of the eggs on the worksheet.  If not, it’s the next student’s turn. 4) Continue playing until someone fills their entire worksheet!
Whether you are on break or still in school, I wish you and your families a happy and wonderful Easter!
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